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Full time Teacher's Placement

ESL Teacher
If you already have teaching experience of at least 3 months and/or a TEFL certificate, then you can apply to work with us as a teacher of English (TEFL). We have many schools seeking teachers at the start of the school terms, and sometimes mid year.
When Do I Get an Exact School Confirmed?

Once you have been interviewed by us, you will receive an contract form a guarantee job, after sign you will expect to wait no longer than three to seven days working days or lesser to hear from us, during this time you are expect to restricted your contract with us until you hear from us. We then guarantee you by issuing an Appointment letter from the school.

School Term Dates Thailand and Resignation Dates for Teachers
Resignation Cut Off
Mid May – Late September
  Late August
Late October – Late February/ Mid March
  Late January
*Exact dates depend on the school.
Contract Length
The contract length with Tutoring Services is normally 1 year or 2 terms, so 1 term is around 4 or 5 months. If you start mid term, normally you will sign until the end of the next term– but it does depend on the school. Some schools want one term or year long contracts, but most of our schools are fine with long contracts.

Please note that once the Candidate received Contract's Agreement from us, we will need Candidate to acknowledge the contract details, salary structure and agreement details before hand, name and location of the school will be given in the " Appointment Letter" where candidate may choose to accept the job once again.

All of our native English teachers get 'starting' paid rate 30,000 THB per month gross salary, with our Filipino English teachers getting 'starting' paid rate 15,000 THB gross. Candidate also expect to have minimum 3 months probation periods and for the reason of difference in salary for Native and Non-native  is solely due to Thai schools seeing native English speakers as more valuable than non natives because they want their students to imitate the Western accent. Some schools accept Filipino because they have a clear accent, almost American sounding, but most are not willing to pay the same salaries to Filipinos as native English speakers

*Please note only some of our schools accept Filipino English (TEFL) teachers.


General ideas of obligations that has to be abides by all professional English Teacher

 -You must devote full time and attention to the outstanding performance of their duties as a teacher during the time they are required to be on school premises.

The Teacher's presence at the school will be required Monday to Friday between 7:00am to 4:00pm or 8:00am to 5:00pm depending on the school’s regulation.

-You must come to work dressed professionally and in a respectable fashion that is acceptable to the school.

- You may be required to perform ‘gate duty’ up to one time per week if the school should desire. Gate duty might be in the morning between 7:00am to 8:00am OR in the afternoon from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

- Teacher may be required to attend the morning ‘Flag Ceremony’ from 07:30am to 8:30am upon the school’s wishes. you might need to help school on aligning kids or for a morning speech.

- The Agency and or school reserve the right to request you to cover classes for other teachers working at the same school if they are sick or otherwise unavailable to teach with proper compensation for extra work.

- The school has the right to request teacher's attendance and cooperation for extracurricular activities & work matters of an urgent or important case which may fall outside of the teacher's normal working hours. Examples include but are not limited to: Weekend English Camps, field trips, regional competitions, faculty meetings, & school social functions.

Requirements and Eligibility
In order to be accepted for Guaranteed Job Program, you need to:
- Hold a Bachelors degree in any subject 

- Be a native English speaker OR Filipino who is fluent in English 
- Be enthusiastic and enjoy working with children

*You will also need a police check that shows you do not have a criminal record of any kind. You do not need to apply for this before the application process.

**Please note that if you are a Filipino English (TEFL) teacher, or a South African national, you will also need a TOEIC test score above 750. The TOEIC test can be applied for later and you do not need this for the application process.
Native English Speakers are people who have a passport from these countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa (with a TOEIC test! Sorry!)
Application Process and How to Apply
  1. Read through this page and understand the program
  2. Submit your CV, a smiley picture of yourself (jpg) and a covering letter
  3. Send these documents through our website, Application link form or via email to [email protected]
  4. Successful applicants at this stage will receive a reply with a Skype interview date and time or interview questions.
  5. The Skype interview will take about 15-20 minutes and will be based around questions of why you want to teach in Thailand, and your previous work experience
  6. If successful, we will send you a excl. contract booking form
  7. If you decide to book, send the form back to us via email or link form.
  8. Once confirmed, we will send you Appointment letter from the school with more details of when to arrive, and what other things you need to prepare in terms of visas, documents for the work permit, etc.

Documents require for Application 

1) CV provide your photo and contact details
2) Education degree minimum Bachelor degree (must)
3) Teaching Certificates ( Tefl/Tesol/Celta/others)
4) Testimonials
5) Police Clearance Certificates
6) Copy of Passport 
7) Picture

Please note that if Candidate's Education Certificate is not in English, Candidate will need certify translated document attach along the copy of original certificate to be apply.

Teacher's License Information 

Once candidate is accepted by school for the job, candidate will need to send the original official degree confirmation letter for Graduate of the University/College to the Teacher's Council. The Letter from the university should be on the official headed paper of college and clearly confirm that you have successfully completed your course, including the classification you receive, the dates of attendances and graduation. The letter must bear an original  university/college's stamp and signature of the registrar sent in a sealed envelop with the University / College's stamp. Void if envelop is opened prior to receipt. 

The Confirmation letter must be sent to Teacher's Council as address given in the letter head below